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Thanksgiving Potluck 2014

December 4, 2014

Thanksgiving Potluck 2014 at Immanuel Community Church in Fort Collins CO

What’s better than Thanksgiving? A Thanksgiving Potluck! Every year Immanuel Community Church hosts a Thanksgiving Potluck in the fall after one the Sunday services. This year they asked our community group to be the “lead” on putting it all together. 

We accepted the challenge whole-heartedly.

After a brainstorming session during one of our community group’s get togethers, we had a list of ideas to take the potluck from boring to blow your socks off. For the centerpieces we printed off pictures of Thanksgiving pinterest fails. They are hilarious. If you’re in the mood, search for #nailedit on Pinterest for hours of laughs. 

For fun and games our resident science teacher Chrissy showed us an online game making app she uses with her students. You create a list of multiple choice questions, have people sign in to the game with their smart phone and a pin number, and then see who can answer the most questions correctly. Each table was a “team”, with one person at each table being designated as the smart phone user. It was the perfect way to engage a crowd of 300+ with one activity. 

We wouldn’t have had such a large turnout if it hadn’t been for the on stage marketing efforts of my wife Jodi. A few Sundays before the event she made an action packed announcement to the congregation about the action packed potluck awaiting them in a few short weeks. She even said “pot” in church, which can have different connotations in a state like Colorado. I say “pot”, you say “luck”!

Our Thanksgiving feast consisted of juicy, homemade turkey cooked to perfection, trays of fluffy mashed potatoes, and more pies and desserts than even 300 people could eat. Due the large turnout we actually ran out of some of the fixings, but we were on it and rushed across the street to compensate with a few $5 hot and readys from Little Ceasers.

After cleaning up Schaeffer Hall, we were all tired and ready for an afternoon of napping and Broncos football.

This was our first “thing” to participate in as a community group, and I loved how it brought our group together. Between the planning and coordination before, during, and after the potluck we got a chance to learn more about one another. Its these shared experiences and “real life” interactions that turn acquaintances into friendships. I, for one, am thankful. 

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