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A Beautiful Day on the Blue Sky Trail

November 10, 2013

Today was one of those gorgeous fall days where you just have to get outside. Soon the trails will be covered in snow and the bitter cold will dig deep into my bones. But this afternoon there was a blue sky with temperatures close to 70 degrees.

I rode to my favorite trail in the Fort Collins area, Blue Sky. I’ve ridden the trail more times than I can count, and every time it brings a smile to my face.

Since it was such a nice day the trail was pretty crowded, but I didn’t mind. I’m glad other people were out enjoying the outdoors too. Lots of hikers, bikers, and horse riders were on the trail. The trail head parking lot was even overflowing.

Somehow I still managed to get some sweet flow on sections of the trail. I hope this video gives you a little taste of how much fun Fort Collins mountain biking can be.

3 thoughts on “A Beautiful Day on the Blue Sky Trail

  1. Nicely done man. 12 stones goes well with all that rock 😉 and is it me or are you going insanely fast!? Ever bike with slower peddlers?

    • Thanks David! As you know, fast is very relative in mountain biking. 🙂 Do you ride much?

  2. Ride when I can, try to make it count when I go. Love the downhills, roller coasters and turns 😉 The weekend you filmed this I rode Mt. Margot. Either way, would like to chat sometime at the next wp-meetup or something… but biking would be primo. My number is on my site, text me about biking sometime or even lunch/coffee. I’ve ridden half of blue sky but most of rim rock was beyond my desire (the loose and steep uphills) 😉

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