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Breckenridge Colorado Ski Trip in Sub Zero Temps

January 7, 2014

This past weekend I met up with my brother and his friends for a day of skiing in Breckenridge Colorado. I brought my GoPro along to film our adventures.

The temperatures stayed below zero all day long, and the wind gusts of up to 50 miles an hour made it feel close to -20 degrees. It was so cold I didn’t have an icicles on my beard; it was a solid block of ice.

We toughed it out most of the day. However, there was a moment of weakness at lunch where we almost decided to call it a day. But we bundled up, braved the cold, and enjoyed the powdery runs of Breckenridge.

This is my first attempt at a ski video. I wasn’t sure how to place my camera on my ski pole, so most of the shots have a pole in the middle of them. Next time I’ll angle it different. But for now, enjoy!

3 thoughts on “Breckenridge Colorado Ski Trip in Sub Zero Temps

  1. By far the coldest day of my life….but it’s all worth it for the story.

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